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My Teaching philosophy

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“Precise from the Basics”

Obtaining degrees in Piano Performance and living a life of a performer, I’ve learned many things. However, I found myself learning even more when I was teaching the piano. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the significance of Basics. I understand that some parents might think: “my child is still young, professional teacher wouldn’t be necessary.” I, too, once thought maybe I don’t need to teach the beginners. However, as I witnessed numerous students who come to me without basic understanding or techniques losing interest in the instrument due to the technical difficulties, I’ve come to a conclusion that it is most difficult to teach the beginners.

Being able to play an instrument well is far more than simply playing the right pitch at the right time. It is my goal as a teacher, to help students to understand and enjoy the music and to be able to express themselves through their performance experience. Not only it is an entertainment and education for students, but supportive atmosphere and positive criticism help them to be self-motivated and feel positive about themselves. Solid Basic skills allow students to continue onto the next level, letting them to be able to continue through the difficulties they may face. Also, through lessons and practice sessions, students become disciplined, which is a lifelong skill that can be applied to many other fields in their lives.

Music Study benefits all individuals, regardless of age and ability. As a teacher, I firmly believe it is my duty to let each of my students benefit from learning music. Lessons where student’s artistry, creativity and confidence can grow, lessons that are enjoyable and precise. You will find it here at Lydiafaith Music Studio.

I hope you will join me!

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