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Years of Proven Result

My Musical Journey

Lydia Yang is a pianist and teacher based in the Clayton area in Surrey.  She graduated from UBC with a Bachelors of Music.  Her persistent passion and love for music motivated her to continue her studies, extending her specialties into piano performance and piano pedagogy, where she has earned the ARCT Piano Performers Diploma (2019) and ARCT Piano Pedagogy Diploma (2021) from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Canada. Her most recent musical accomplishment was being selected as the recipient of the BCRMTA Pedagogy Award for the highest aggregate mark in her pedagogy examination with the Royal Conservatory Music of Canada.

Lydia was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea, where her love and study of the piano began at age 7.   She immigrated to Canada with her family while attending secondary school, where she soon began her teaching career while also continuing her piano studies at the Langley Community Music School under the instruction of famous pianist and composer, Leslie Janos.  She entered UBC after receiving an entrance scholarship two years after first arriving in Canada.  At UBC, Lydia received her piano and pedagogy training from the well known and respected educators Miranda Wong, Robert Rogers, David McCoy, and Alice Enn.

Having taught piano and music theory for approximately 20 years, Lydia enjoys working with students of all ages and levels.  She is highly specialized in conservatory exam, university audition, and piano competition preparations. 

Lydia strongly believes in the importance of continuous learning and works to cultivate within her the virtues of a successful and professional musician.   She regularly attends major pedagogical seminars and conferences to enrich her musical knowledge.  She also studies under Dr. Libby Yu biweekly to further her professional development as a pianist.  As proof of her undying passion, effort, and commitment, her students routinely win awards and scholarships in piano competitions, as well as earn high marks on their conservatory examinations.  Many of her students attend highly ranked universities in both the United Sates and Canada.

For each piece a student learns, Lydia shares and communicates her love of music by exploring and explaining the musical history of both the piece and the composer. She offers well-organized and professional instruction to her students so they may achieve at the highest possible level.  Lydia strives to stimulate, nurture, and guide her students into discovering their passion and potential.

Lydia is a member of the Canadian Federation of Music Teacher’s association and the British Columbia Registered Music teachers’ association (South Fraser Branch) where she currently serves as a secretary.   She is also a certified RCM advanced teacher for the disciplines of both piano and harmony/history since 2017.   

In recent years, Lydia has taken a special interest in coaching young teachers to help them become more qualified and professional musicians.  In her spare time, she loves to walk with her dog, take care of her indoor plants, and find books and videos relating to specific topics regarding pedagogical issues. 


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